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EVENTS presents... Win an IPod Nano Poker Tournament on Facebook

This series is starting the: Sunday 20 April 2008


Hosted by Sponsored by Chips n Chat Poker

HKGC x Chips n Chat Poker Tournament on Facebook.

Winner of this tournament will get a IPod Nano 8G ! Ship to your door !

Tournament Date & Time
(This is a one off tournament):
Sunday 20th April 2008 , 10pm (Hong Kong Time)

How to Register:

1. Add the "Chips n Chat Poker" application at

2. You can register by clicking the "Tournament" button on the lobby, then double click on the tournament called "HKGC x Chips n Chat".

3. Now you can click on the button "Register" , the password is "HKGC2008" , not "hkgc2008" , HKGC has to be in capital letters.

4. Wait for Sunday 10pm, have fun playing poker and win the IPod Nano.

300 Players Max for this tournament, seats are limited, register and reserve your seat now!

Please go to the tournament 5 minutes before it starts. Thank you.

Ranking of this series


Note that for this event, only the top 1 players of that event will go to the finals.

Player #PhotoNicknamePoints


Player #PhotoNicknamePoints

Final Tournament Prizes

1IPod Nano 8G

Qualifying Tournament Prizes

no prizes for this event


Chips N Chat

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Final Round
Date of Event: Sunday 20 April 2008
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